Struggling with Presence

It’s been awhile. Lured by a promise, I cancelled my Squarespace subscription and moved over to Adobe Portfolio. A disappointment. The price was right (free) but I didn’t have the control I wanted. And between Adobe and Squarespace, I couldn’t move my domain name over. Unaware of its self-renewal, I thought I had cancelled it with my Squarespace subscription. A billing statement told me otherwise. Thinking that, as I had the domain name, why not use it, and thinking why not find an inexpensive way to do so, I struggled with Drupal. I struggled with its installation on Windows 10. Building a site using the Danland theme, I then struggled getting it to work on the Hostinger server. (There was a .99/month sale.) Once it worked on the server, I struggled to get it to appear properly on mobile devices. I subscribed to a youtube channel with a large library of drupal tutorials. A lot of the code did not work for me, and when I took a closer look at the comments, I read how the instructor had given up and had moved to another content management system. I threw in the towel, reinstalled wordpress, and rebuilt the site in a short time. is back up. Drupal coders may want to argue. Don’t bother. I’m not a professional developer and I don’t have training in PHP and CSS.